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The Building Division provides quality enforcement of codes and ordinances through plan review, the issuance of permits and the inspection of new construction and improvements to existing residential, commercial and industrial structures. The Division provides for public safety, preserves the value of property and raises the overall quality of life in Anaheim.

In case of a major earthquake or similar disaster, the Building Division’s inspectors have been trained to work with the Fire and Police departments in a coordinated City response.

Once you receive your building permit, you will receive a Job Card which lists the various inspections in chronological order. The Job Card also indicates the inspection code numbers needed when using our Inspection Line system for inspection requests.

Requesting an Inspection
To request an inspection, call the Inspection Line at (714) 765-4626. The automated system will prompt you to key in your Building Permit number and code number for the type of inspection you are requesting. Instructions on using the Inspection Line system can also be found on the Job Card.

Canceling an Inspection
To cancel an inspection, call the Inspection Line (714) 765 4626. Follow the prompts for canceling your inspection. You may also contact the Building Division at 714 765-5153 ext 0.

What Inspectors Look For

The inspector verifies that the construction conforms to the approved plans and meets applicable Building Codes and relevant requirements.


Inspection Results

The inspector signs the Job Card at the job site. When the inspector returns to the office at the end of the day, the inspection results are entered into the Tidemark building permit computer system.


Non-approved Inspections
If your requested inspection is not approved, the inspector will write a Correction Notice. The notice will identify the items that need to be corrected. After corrections have been completed, inspection requests may be recalled.

Re-inspections and associated fees
The Building Division will charge a re-inspection fee when an applicant requests the same inspection for the third time and portions of the required work are incomplete and/or when required corrections are not made. A re-inspection fee will be charged for each same inspection after the initial two inspections, until all work for that state of construction is complete and meets code. The Building Division will perform no additional inspections on a permit with outstanding re-inspection fees. Building Inspectors will provide applicants advance notice that a re-inspection fee will be assessed to their permit. For a list of fees including the re-inspection fee, go to the Fee and Rates Schedules page.

For more information about the Building Division or Inspections please click here to visit our website.

Inspection Request Line – (714) 765-4626

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