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Emergency Needs Assistance


The City of Anaheim Community Development Department/Anaheim Housing Authority provides the following programs to assist low-income households with emergency housing needs:

The One-time Rental Assistance Payments Program (OTRAPP) serves (1) low-income homeless families living in a shelter/motel who have enough income to pay the monthly rent for permanent housing, but lack the funds necessary to pay the upfront costs of renting (first and last month's rent, security/utility deposits, etc.; and (2) low-income families who are at risk of being homeless; currently reside in permanent housing, but due to a one-time extenuating circumstance, such as a medical bill, they are unable to pay their rent.

The Community Development Department, utilizing Federal Emergency Shelter Grant funds, provides assistance in the form of a grant paid directly to the property owner and participants must show that they have adequate ongoing income to pay the rent after the one-time payment is made.

For information on the OTRAPP Program, please call (714) 765-4320, ext. 4863

Section 8 Homeless Vouchers Program: The Anaheim Housing Authority has set aside 91 Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers to assist homeless families. The Section 8 Housing Choice voucher program provides rental subsidy assistance to very low-income households. Under this program, households initially pay up to 40% of their monthly income for rent and the Housing Authority subsidizes the difference directly to the landlord (with certain limitations). In addition to Section 8 vouchers, the Housing Authority also provides Emergency Shelter Grant funds (see OTRAPP Program description above) to assist families in paying security/utility deposits and move-in costs, when necessary. To apply for this program, please call the Anaheim Housing Authority at (714) 765-4320.

Federally-funded Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) Program improves the quality of existing emergency shelters for the homeless and increases the number of shelters for the homeless. The City distributes most of these funds to nonprofit organizations that operate homeless shelters.

For information on homeless shelters located in the Anaheim area, please contact the Anaheim Housing Authority at (714) 765-4320.

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