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Shoring Design, Plan Review, and Inspection Guidelines



The following procedures and requirements shall be enforced in reviewing plans and inspection of shoring construction:

  • Shoring plans shall be considered a part of the building construction documents.  As such, a separate permit would not be issued in a normal situation.  However, a separate shoring permit must be obtained if the contractor/developer wishes to proceed with the shoring portion of work prior to obtaining the building permit.    In those situations, the following conditions must be satisfied:

- Approval of structural plans and soils report by the Building Division.

- Clearances from the Public Works and Planning Services.

- Full construction documents must be submitted for plan review.

  • Three sets of shoring plans including the dimensioned site plan showing the location of shoring, identification of any surcharge, details of shoring system, soils report, and the structural calculations are required for plan check submittal. 
  • Soils report shall be prepared and signed by a geotechnical or civil engineer practicing in the State of California.
  • Structural plans and calculations for the shoring system shall be prepared by a civil and/or structural engineer licensed in the State of California
  • It shall be noted on plans that the engineer and the soils engineer of record shall perform periodic structural observations in order to verify and ensure all work conforms to the approved plans and specifications.
  • Upon completion of shoring or prior to requesting the foundation inspection for the main building structure, the contractor shall request a final inspection for shoring.   Prior to the final inspection for shoring, the civil/structural engineer and the soils engineer who prepared the City approved shoring plans must submit in writing that he/she has inspected and certifies that the completed shoring is in conformance with the plans approved by the City.     Detailed inspection records and/or testing data associated with the shoring work shall be submitted along with the certification letter.    A construction note stating the above requirements shall be included on the shoring plans in a prominent location.
  • During the final inspection for shoring, the Building Inspector shall review and verify the completed shoring work as per the engineers' letter as well as the approved plans.
  • Applicable plan check and permit fees shall be assessed by the assigned Senior Plans Examiner on a case by case and hourly basis.

For any questions regarding the shoring requirements and procedures, contact a Senior Plans Examiner at (714) 765-5153.

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