The overpopulation of unwanted animals is a serious problem in any area. To help with this problem, The Town of Apple Valley asks that all pet owners have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered. In addition, the California State Law requires that all animals adopted from shelter facilities be spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

To assist with this effort, The Town of Apple Valley, in conjunction with local Veterinarians, participates in a reduced rate program to spay or neuter pets. To participate in the program, pet owners must obtain a dog license from the Animal Control Department. When the dog license is purchased for one year, a free spay/neuter voucher is issued to pay the cost to alter the dog. Upon receiving the voucher, the animal owner should make an appointment with one of the participating veterinarians listed on the voucher. The veterinarian will perform the operation and bill the Town for this service. The animal owner is responsible for transporting the animal to and from the clinic, any vaccinations or any other elective procedures.

The voucher is due when admitting the animal to the veterinarian's office. For additional information on spaying or neutering your pets or the free spay or neuter voucher program, call the Town of Apple Valley Animal Control Department at (760) 240-7000 x 7555.

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