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Reporting Coyote Activity

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All Front Range communities are home to coyotes. To report a concern, click on the service request link below.

In order for us to address your concern, you will need to be very detailed and specific.  Describe the event, include the location and time of occurrence and one of the following that best fits your concern: 

  • Was it an Observation?  The act of noticing or taking note of tracks, den, scat or vocalizations.
  • Was it a Sighting?  Visual observation of coyote from a distance (day or night) greater than 100 feet.
  • Was it an Encounter? An unexpected direct meeting, within 100 feet, that is without incident.  Coming within close proximity of a coyote on a trail, sidewalk, street or yard.
  • Was it an Incident?  A conflict between a human and a coyote where a coyote exhibits behavior creating an unsafe situation for the human, including, but not limited to, a coyote baring it teeth, lunging, growling, or moving its ears back, or a situation in which a coyote is known to have killed or injured a domestic or pet animal.  Include size and type of Pet (cat, breed of dog)  
  • Was it an Attack?  An aggressive interaction where a human is grabbed, bitten, scratched, or bodily injured.

This information was brought to you by Public Safety.

You may also submit a service request for this item in the 'Make a Service Request' area below.

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