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Traffic Signals

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The City of Arvada operates and maintains more than 100 traffic signals and 128 school zone flashers placed throughout the City. Traffic signals located along state highways in the City, including Wadsworth Boulevard, Sheridan Boulevard, and State Highway 72, are operated and maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation. New traffic signals are installed in the City based upon a set of criteria in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This criterion was established nationally and was adopted by the City. The criteria include minimum vehicular and/or pedestrian volumes and traffic crash experience. The City reviews intersections that might warrant the installation of a traffic signal every year. If intersections meet the criteria for a signal, it is then prioritized for future construction. The City usually budgets for one new traffic signal per year. To report light failures or other traffic signal concerns and problems please submit a service request or contact the Engineering Division at 720-898-7740 during business hours. To report a malfunctioning traffic signal after normal business hours call the Arvada police department at 720-898-6900.

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