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Street Signs and Lane Markings

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New street signs and lane markings are installed in the City based upon a set of criteria in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. These criteria have been established nationally and have been adopted by the City. The Arvada Public Works Department evaluates roadway features and operational safety when installing street signs and markings. The City of Arvada, like all other cities, uses a fast drying latex based paint that is heated prior to application. This paint is friendly to the environment and washes off with hot water and detergent. If you should encounter street painting equipment please do not drive on or cross over freshly painted lines. Abandoned, defaced, graffiti, damaged, missing, signs in need of repair or to those that need to be picked up from a private resident can be reported to the City's Engineering Division by submitting a service request or calling 720-898-7740. Missing "Stop" signs should be reported immediately to 720-898-7740 or 720-898-6900.

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