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Mobile Food Vehicles

If I am the only employee who will work for/drive the MFV, do I need worker's compensation insurance?
Worker's compensation insurance is not required by the City of Boulder for a MFV license. Please see the example certificate of insurance on the website to ensure you have the proper required coverage.

How do I show proof of insurance for a trailer towed behind a vehicle?
Please provide a certificate of insurance showing the required coverage (at least the state of Colorado minimum coverage). Speak with your insurance agent to ensure you have the appropriate coverage for your vehicle type and use.

Please explain the catering versus serving from the MFV rules.
Ice cream trucks and food trucks are regularly invited to private parties and serve from the truck. There are events at people's homes—weddings, birthdays—where the guests can line up at the truck and get the product.

How is it different if someone in a residential area invites a MFV in front of their house to serve ice cream at a child's birthday, or a wedding where guests line up to get food at the reception?
What is being describing is not legal and should not be happening. Catering is not allowed to occur in this manner. Just because something is happening illegally doesn't mean that someone is immune to the city's requirements. The City does not agree with this reasoning, as the description of the uses of the catering are illegal as well, so that cannot justify the same action by a MFV—it is illegal in both scenarios.

It's not clear where MFVs are actually allowed. A few example of where trucks CAN be in the city would be really helpful.
Please review the maps that are available online, where you will find plenty of examples where the food trucks are allowed. It is up to you, the business owner, to determine the location where you would like to operate.

Do I need a MFV license if I want to sell snacks or food for non-humans?
The MFV license is only for food for human consumption. Also, please be aware of the laws that would apply to the item you would like to sell, and the location where you would like to sell. There are other laws that would prevent you from selling any item in certain locations, and where it is allowed, a specific permit may be needed.

May I apply for a MFV license to sell items at City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks (OSMP) trailheads?
There is a general prohibition against selling anything at City of Boulder OSMP trailheads. Please familiarize yourself with the maps provided on the attached link which show potential MFV areas.

May I apply for a MFV license to sell items at City of Boulder Parks managed by the Parks & Recreation Department?
Answer coming soon!

Do I need a Boulder County Health Certificate if the item I am selling is not for human consumption?
Please see related question above. The MFV license is not a proper license type for this activity. Also, there may be other laws that prevent you from selling such items in certain areas, and you would need different types of permits. If you are selling treats or food for animals, you may also want to check the website for the Colorado state department of Agriculture, which oversees this activity. You will also want to reference the State of Colorado Revised Statutes dealing with your activity, which may include but not be limited to Article 60, Section 35.

Who can I call with specific food safety / Boulder County Health Department questions?
303.441.1100 is the main number for the Boulder County Health Department.

Do I need to re-apply for a sales tax license if I already have one?
No, if you already have a MFV sales tax license, just attach a copy.

I was already issued a catering sales tax license, do I need to apply for a MFV sales tax license?
Yes, you need the proper sales & use tax license for your business type, so you need to apply for a MFV license.

If I already have a sales and use tax license for a different business name, can I just change it?
No, you need to apply with the correct business name and type that match your current business.

Can we have a MFV in the library parking lot along Canyon, after the library is closed? If so, do we need to apply for a special event permit or some other permit?
Please see BRC Per ordinance 7787, "mobile food vehicle sales may take place in other public property locations...but only as part of an approved organized event or street closure permit, and granted pursuant to the authority in section 4-18-2, ‘Public Property Use Permit,'
B.R.C. 1981 or any other relevant code section." The ordinance also states that "mobile food vehicle sales on public property or in the public right-of-way...must be in connection with an approved organized event permit pursuant to section 8-3-14, "Permits for Organized Events," B.R.C. 1981..." This indicates that it is possible for a MFV to operate on the Library property in conjunction with an organized event. As far as Public Property Use Permits, section 4-18-2(d) states: "With regard to mobile food vehicle sales on public property or in the public right of way, any such permit obtained under this section must be in connection with an approved organized permit pursuant to section 8-3-14, "Permits for Organized Events," B.R.C. 1981 or street closure permit pursuant to section 2-2-11, "Traffic Engineering," B.R.C. 1981." The Organized Event Permit must be obtained through Parks and Recreation, and has several standards that must be met, including submitting the application at least 14 days prior to the proposed event date.

If I have permission from the property owner and event organizer to participate in a non-profit fundraiser or an organized special event, do I still need an MFV license to sell food?
Yes, according to city laws, you would still need a valid Boulder MFV license, a valid Boulder sales and use tax for business license, and if the event is on private property, you can only be parked to sell from the vehicle in proper and allowable zones in the city limits. You may be exempt from the allowable zones requirement if the event takes place on public property and you obtain the required city permission (see B.R.C. 9-6-5(d)(1)(B) and (C) and 9-6-5(d)(2)(A).
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