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Rental Housing Licensing Code Violations

The Boulder Revised Code and Property Maintenance Code require all rental properties in Boulder to maintain a valid rental license. The code also establishes minimum standards for the safe use and occupancy of dwellings to protect, preserve, and promote residents' physical and mental health.

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The Rental Housing Licensing program seeks to preserve public safety by establishing minimum standards for the basic equipment and facilities associated with rental properties, including:

  • lighting, ventilation and heating;
  • the use and amount of space for human occupancy;
  • fire safety; and
  • the safe and sanitary maintenance of dwellings.

Obtaining a rental license is the responsibility of the property owner and the discovery of an unlicensed rental property will result in legal action.

To report a violation of the rental housing licensing code, make a service request or call 303-441-1880. 

 P&DS also investigates code violations and concerns related to building safetyright of ways, and zoning.

The Boulder Police Department's Code Enforcement Unit responds to all other property maintenance and nuisance code violations that affect public safety and quality of life.

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