Animal Licenses
Animal Licenses/Rabies Vaccination


The owner of any dog or cat over the age of three months in the City of Grand Island shall pay an annual pet license fee.                      


The annual pet license shall be for the period of January 1st through December 31st of the licensing year.  The pet license shall be secured by each new owner or new resident within thirty days of establishing residency in the City or after acquiring said animal, notwithstanding the fact that the dog or cat may have been registered with another authority other than the City of Grand Island.


The fee required above shall become due on January 1st of the licensing year and shall become delinquent on February 1st of each year.  The owner of any dog or cat in the City of Grand Island registering the same after said fee has become delinquent shall pay a surcharge in accordance with the fees adopted by the governing body identified in the City of Grand Island fee Schedule.


Rabies Vaccination


No dog or cat shall be registered and licensed unless and until the owner shall display a certificate of a licensed veterinarian showing that such dog or cat has been vaccinated for rabies.


Any dog, cat or ferret over the age of three months shall be vaccinated for rabies.


Animal licenses can be obtained at any Veterinarian Clinic in Grand Island, the Central Nebraska Humane Society or at the City Utilities Customer Service Center (1306 W. 3rd Street).


Dogs Altered:       $16.00

Dogs Unaltered:    $41.00

Cats  Altered:        $16.00

Cats  Unaltered:    $41.00


For additional information or questions, call (308) 385-5305.

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