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City Hall

The 100,000 square foot, four-story City hall was designed after a community visioning process. It opened to the public in January 1998. Located adjacent to the Hayward BART station, this state-of-the-art building is the focal point of downtown Hayward.

The Civic Center Project gained local and international attention due to its aesthetic design and excellent safety features. The City has received several awards, most notably the Helen Putnam Award for Excellence for Land Use and Environmental Quality (2000), and the Gold Nugget Award from the Pacific Builder’s Conference for “the best public-private special use facility.” (1997)

The Plaza

Accent fountains, a sensory garden, and a terraced lawn are highlights of the Plaza. It was developed to connect people, business, and government in an attractive, open and vibrant downtown environment.

Materials Used

The City of Hayward supports the use of American-made and recycled materials. The façade is Minnesota limestone and South Dakota granite. The copper roof contains 60% recycled scrap copper. The acoustic ceiling tile and the ceiling grid suspension system contain recycled materials as well. Over a million dollars of material with recycled content was included in this 29 million dollar project.

Special Features

The Rotunda provides a pleasant, inviting entry to visitors at City Hall. However, it is not simply an entryway to local government. It serves as a meeting forum and gathering place for community celebrations.

Live broadcasts of the City Council, Planning Commission, and School Board meetings are conducted in the Council Chambers over government cable KHRT, channel 15. KHRT also can be accessed via webcast on the City’s website.

The electronically sophisticated Council Chambers also allows multimedia presentations to be projected during public comments and staff reports.

The John O’Lague Galleria is a show-case for the creative talents of many local artists. The changing exhibits are managed by the Hayward Arts Council and Sun Gallery.

Behind City Hall, there is the Alwine Fenton Sensory Garden, a small garden retreat provides sensory experiences of touch and smell for individuals who cannot fully enjoy the experience through their sense of vision. The garden was named for Alwine Fenton, a devoted educator and active supporter of the arts in Hayward for many years.

Earthquake Safety

Since Hayward City Hall is located just 700 feet from the Hayward Fault, the City employed state of the art technology to assure public safety in the building. The building is designed to remain operational following an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude on the Richter scale.

To limit the amount of seismic force that travels from the ground into the structure above, the steel- framed building is base-isolated using 53 friction pendulum seismic isolation bearings and fifteen 12-foot long hydraulic viscous dampers. The isolation system allows the building to move horizontally up to 22 inches in relation to the garage and ground below, thus lessening the seismic stress on the building.

For more information, please call Building Management at 510-583-4822

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