Towed and Stored Vehicles

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Towed and Stored Vehicles

Any vehicle, that must be registered, may be towed and stored. A vehicle may be towed because it is:
  • stolen
  • embezzled
  • unregistered
  • abandoned
  • in violation of City zoning and other ordinances
  • driven by an unlicensed driver
  • operated by a driver with a suspended or revoked license
  • used in a crime (drunk driving, hit and run, reckless driving, robbery and other crimes, etc.)
If the vehicle is stolen, every effort is made to contact the registered owner to avoid towing and storage fees. However, if the owner cannot be reached, the vehicle is towed and stored until claimed.

It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to make sure that the address on the vehicle registration and the driver's license is current. Contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles for more information

The vehicle may be towed and impounded for up to thrity (30) days if:
  • the driver has no license, or
  • the license is suspended or revoked license, or
  • the driver has only a learner's permit and drove without an adult over 25 years old, or the driver was involved in excessive speeding or reckless driving.
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For more information, please call Traffic at 510-293-7272

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California Department of Motor Vehicles

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Towed and Stored Vehicles