Trash & Debris – Public Property

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Trash & Debris – Public Property

All Hayward residents are required to subscribe to trash collection services provided by Waste Management of Alameda County. Dumping of refuse, trash, junk and debris on sidewalks, streets, and other public areas is prohibited (these public areas are known as the public right-of-way). Those seen engaged in illegal dumping may be cited.

Please note that not all items/trash in the public right-of-way are illegally dumped. Hayward residents who live in single-family dwellings, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes have one bulky item pick up a year through Waste Management of Alameda County. See this link for more information: Bulky Trash Pickup

The Street Maintenance Division will investigate service requests on trash in the public right-of-way. If no bulky item pickup is scheduled, Streets Division will remove these items.

To report illegally dumped refuse or debris in the public right-of-way, please submit a request below or call the Street Maintenance Division at 510-881-7745.

To report refuse or debris on private property, please submit a request HERE or call Code Enforcement at 510-583-4143.

Additional Information:

To subscribe to the trash collection service, please call Waste Management of Alameda County at 510-613-8740.

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Trash & Debris – Public Property