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Residential Rent Control Ordinance

Provides relief to residential tenants in the City by stabilizing rent increases for certain tenants; encourages rehabilitation of rental units whenever vacancies occur; encourages investment in new residential rental property in the City by providing gradual elimination of rent increase controls; assuring landlords a fair return on their property and rental income sufficient to cover the increasing cost of repairs, maintenance, insurance, employee services, additional amenities, and other costs of operation while the provisions of this ordinance are in effect. For more information on the Rent Ordinance please visit the Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

For a unit to be covered under rent control, the owner needs to:
  • own five (5) or more units within the limits of the City of Hayward
  • a certificate of occupancy issued (units built and okayed for use) prior to July 1, 1979
If these requirements are not met, the unit is not under rent control and is governed by State law. As of January 1, 1999 single-family residential units are not covered under rent control.

If the apartment unit is under rent control, the rent can only be increased 5% per year unless they have not received an increase in the previous years, then the landlord can increase the rent a maximum of 10%.

Landlords are required to pay interest only on security deposit to units covered under rent control. Please click here for information on Interest for Security Deposit.

A Petition for Review of Rent is to be filed with the City's Rent Review Office only by tenants whose units are still considered rent-controlled and covered under Section 3 of the City's Rent Control Ordinance. If there are more than 10 units in an apartment complex and at least 25% of the tenants are affected by the rent increase, tenants are to complete one petition and add their names to the "Add Name" form. If tenant services have been reduced, the Service Reduction Form is too be completed and included with the Petition when submitted to:
City Attorney - Rent Review
777 B Street
Hayward, CA 94541
For information on the status of a particular unit, please call the Rent Review Office at: 510-583-4454.

Rent De-control
Landlords interested in de-controlling units are advised to review the Residential Rent Stabilization Decontrol Process Summary. It is a helpful guide for landlords about what steps to follow in order to decontrol units properly. For more information on the decontrol process, please visit Decontrol Summary Process.

To schedule an appointment for an Inspection, and Application for Decontrol, please call Building Inspection at 510-583-4142.

Within 30 days of the date of tenancy, the landlord is to complete and submit to Rent Review: Should you need additional information, please call the Rent Review office at: 510-583-4454.

For additional information on Building Inspection please visit:
Building Inspection Notice (English)
Building Inspection Notice (Español)

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