Residential Fences

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Residential Fences

Hayward Municipal Code Section 5-7.20 – The existence of any fence, visible from the public right-of-way, with broken boards, rotted posts, or fences that are leaning, dilapidated, or in disrepair is considered a Public Nuisance.

Hayward Municipal Code Section 10-1.2810 – No structure or fence may be erected, maintained, moved, expanded, or structurally altered, nor may any use be established without approval by the Planning Director, pursuant to the provisions of the ordinance.

Hayward Municipal Code Section 10-1.245 (Single Family Residential District) »
  1. Fences, hedges and walls shall be limited to a height of 4 feet in any portion of a front or side street yard, and to a height of 6 feet in any side or rear yard.
  2. Where the rear or side yard is contiguous to commercially or industrially developed or zoned land, freeway, flood control channels, arterial streets, parking lots, or similar use, a maximum 8-foot high fence or wall may be permitted by the Planning Director.
  3. On through lots, fences, hedges and walls shall be limited to a height of 4 feet in any portion of the front yards unless the Planning Director determines that up to a height of 6 feet, in the designated rear yard, would not compromise the safety of motorists and pedestrians nor the aesthetic value of the streetscape.
  4. Where a lot is situated at the intersection of two or more streets, fences, hedges and walls shall not be erected, placed, planted, or allowed to grow in such a manner as to obstruct intersection visibility.
  5. The use of anodized gray chain-link fencing which is visible to the public is discouraged; barb or razor wire or similar fences is prohibited.
For more information regarding fences on private property contact Community Preservation at 583-4143 or the Planning Division at 583-4200.

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Residential Fences