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Route 238 Corridor Improvement Project

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Street Disruptions & Closures

Pavement work for the project was completed 6-5-13.

The overall project is now complete.
    Permanent Street Closure

  • E St. from Foothill Blvd. to Main St. has been permanently closed. The closed street segment has become part of a larger open space gateway. Access to Brett Harte Middle School, St. Regis Senior Care Center, Sun Gallery and neighborhoods is still available from Foothill to Main Street or D Street.

    The old segment of Berry east of Mission is now closed to through traffic. This segment was vacated to adjacent property owners when the traffic signal at new Berry and Mission became operational.

    Willis Ave. between Mission and Francisco is closed as a through street. The Willis roadway from Francisco to Watkins is now operating as a two-way street segment.

The above notice was sent to all Hayward residents and businesses as an insert in their water bills during October, 2012 as a reminder that businesses along the Route 238 Corridor are open and encouraging them to Shop Hayward.
Business Access – The work is now complete.

Planned Meetings – The last scheduled update meeting for the project was held on 6/27/13. Because the project is substantially complete, there are no future meetings planned. If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding our improvement efforts, please contact our project office or use the links to the Access Hayward web page.

The Downtown Hayward Business Improvement Area (BIA) holds meetings quarterly on the first Wednesday of the month to discuss proposed improvements and activities in the downtown Hayward area. Meetings are held at 8 AM in City Hall - Room 2A.

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03/27/14 – Planned Construction

With the exception of some on-going landscape maintenance and warranty work, the project is complete.

Mission Boulevard -Work on a few minor punchlist items is continuing.

The pavement work within each of the four segments was completed as follows:
  • Industrial to Calhoun – February 6, 2013.
  • Calhoun to Harder – July 14, 2012.
  • Harder to Palisades –September 21, 2012. The contractor completed the roadway widening at Carlos Bee and paving work for this segment before the start of the Fall term at CSU-EB. The widened intersection provides motorists with three northbound and southbound through-lanes, two eastbound left turn lanes to Carlos Bee and two southbound left turn lanes to Mission.
  • Palisades to Foothill-Jackson – June 5, 2013.
To help eliminate the unsightly overhead electric and telephone wires and wood poles, underground conduit and vaults were constructed in the sidewalk area for PG&E, AT&T and Comcast facilities between Industrial and Sycamore-Highland. The last wood poles north of Harder were removed on June 11, 2012. The last wood poles near Industrial were removed on November 28, 2012.
Contractors placing the traffic signal bridge after hours
Aerial view of the Mission-Foothill-Jackson intersection
The new traffic signal at the Mission/ Foothill/ Jackson intersection
New striping along Foothill Boulevard One of the smaller traffic signal bridges
erected on Foothill Boulevard
Masons working on mosaic tile at Centennial Park
(Portuguese Park)
New striping along D Street near Five Flags Park
New Traffic Signal Installation at Mission Blvd. and Carlos Bee Roadway Widening Improvements near Mission Blvd. and Carlos Bee
Underground Gasoline Storage Tank Removal & Clean-up New Asphalt Pavement, Median and Streetlights near Carlos Bee
Flag Raising and POW MIA Flag Presentation

“New” Berry between Mission and Belmont – The new extension of Berry from Mission to Belmont is complete. The traffic signal at Mission-Berry became operational on December 6th and the new street segment was opened to traffic. The old segment of Berry between Mission and Belmont was closed and vacated to the adjacent property owners. The murals painted on nearby walls are part of the City’s Mural Program.

Mission Boulevard/Foothill Boulevard between D & E Streets (5 Flags Park) - Work on the park areas is complete.

Downtown (Mini-Loop Area) - Work is complete along Mission, Foothill and A Street. Interim pavement work on Foothill, A Street, Mission and D Street was completed on October 28, 2012. Final paving operations were completed on June 5, 2013. Minor restriping on Foothill between A Street and B Street was completed on September 21 to better accommodate truck traffic and at the Foothill / D Street intersection.

Foothill Boulevard North of A Street - The work is complete on Foothill from A Street to Apple.

Willis Street – The O’Rielly / Wheel Works / Ranch Restaurant shared parking lot and sidewalk reconstruction is complete. The Ranch driveway and Willis Street intersection at Mission have been closed permanently.

Jackson Street – The new traffic signal at Watkins was connected on June 28, 2012 in the new intersection configuration for the project. This new configuration eliminated the left turn from southwest-bound Jackson to south-bound Watkins. Two older type streetlights will be replaced between the BART tracks and Mission when they arrive on-site. Healthy new street trees were planted along the south side of Jackson.
Tile Image Funding for the project is provided by Alameda County Transportation Authority Measure B, the City of Hayward, developers and utility companies. Funds from the sale of land purchased for the Route 238 Bypass are also expected to be used for the project. Tile Image
Proposed schedule for construction is as follows:
  • Start Construction - August 2010
  • Complete Construction - Spring 2013
If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding the project, please contact Kevin Briggs, Project Manager, by submitting a request in the ‘Make a Service Request’ area at the top and bottom of the page or by calling (510) 583-3900.

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Proposed – Foothill Blvd and C Street

Among other improvements, the work will include a downtown one-way loop street system, added peak hour travel lanes on Foothill Boulevard, improvements at major intersections along the route, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, landscaping, new streetlights and traffic signals and undergrounding of overhead utility lines along Mission Boulevard.

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Tile Image Project design has been coordinated with AC Transit and with, an organization that has developed Bay Friendly design guidelines for landscaping. Project design is currently complete.
If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding this project, please contact Kevin Briggs, Project Manager, or by submitting a request in the ‘Make a Service Request for’ area below, or by calling (510) 583-3900.



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