If you see illegally dumped trash on private or public property after the fact and cannot provide a description of the responsible party, it will depend on where the trash is located that will determine how it is to be removed. For illegal dumping on the public right-of-way, you should call the City's Solid Waste Manager at 360-442-5223. For dumping on any private property, call the Code Compliance Division at (360) 442-5093 or (360) 442-5082. If someone dumps garbage or materials on your property, you will ultimately be responsible for the removal of the items. If you find someone's address in the dumped trash and would like to have it investigated, provide that information to the Code Compliance Division.


Removal of mattresses, couches, garbage and similar items in the alleyway should be hauled to the Waste Control Transfer Station at 1150 3rd Avenue. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain that portion of his property to the apparent centerline of the alley.



Landfill: The Waste Control Transfer Station located at 1150 3rd Avenue is the new location for disposal of materials. It is opened from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 7 days a week (excluding holidays). The transfer station's phone number is 425-4302.

If you know of an abandoned shopping cart, call the store that owns the cart. If they do not remove the cart within 3 days, call the Code Compliance Division at (360) 442-5093 or (360) 442-5082.


In regards to cleaning up junk and garbage stored behind fence by the alley, property owners are responsible for maintaining their land up to the apparent centerline of the alley. That include the removal of debris, garbage, furniture, mattresses and other items that cause a blighting problem of adversely affect the public health, safety and/or welfare.

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