Weeds, Grass & Vegetation

Vegetation - Weeds and grass over 12 inches in height and vegetation that is overgrown is a violation of city regulations. Property owners are responsible for keeping their lawns mowed and property maintained to the roadway.


A Hedge Ordinance is in effect for properties located inside the city limits of Longview which makes it easier for emergency responders to be able to visibly locate addresses on homes or buildings.  Under this ordinance, hedges can be of unlimited height on private property with certain restrictions.  View the information in the Longview Municipal Code, Title 16, Section 16.46 or contact our Code Enforcement Division at 360.442.5082.



Site Triangles.  Hedges growing within areas of a property that could affect pedestrian and/or vehicle safety must meet the requirement found in LMC 16.46. To view a diagram with several site triangle examples, click here.


Overhanging trees and shrubs. Every property owner having any tree or shrub overhanging any street, alley or right-of-way within the City shall prune the branches so that such branches shall not interfere with the unobstructed use of the street, alley, sidewalk or right-of-way or obstruct the view of any street intersection. Trees and shrubs overhanging the street and alley shall be pruned to allow a minimum14-foot clearance above the entire surface of the street or alley. Trees and shrubs overhanging the sidewalk and/or right-of-way shall be pruned to allow a minimum 8-foot clearance above the entire sidewalk surface and/or right-of-way to the adjoining property line. No person shall, without a written permit of the superintendent of the park department or city manager, cut, prune, rake, climb, injure or remove any living tree in any public right-of-way, park, planting/parking strip or other public place in the city in accordance with LMC 10.32.

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