General Property Nuisance Information
Any person owning, managing, renting or having control of property within the city must keep it in a condition that meets city regulated minimum maintenance standards set out in the Longview Municipal Code.


There are a variety of reasons people let property get to the point that it becomes a neighborhood nuisance. When they do, reporting these violations is important. Reporting nuisance violations helps our city's compliance officers do a better job and improves the quality of life and overall health of our community.


If you are not sure if a property is inside the city limits of Longview, look at the zoning map available on the City of Longview's website. Another easy way to verify jurisdiction is to go to the Cowlitz County Assessor's website and search for a parcel or address: Check the Tax District line. Only those addresses in tax district "400 Longview" are in the city limits. You may also call the Code Compliance Department at 442-5093 or 442-5082, or the Community Development Department at 442-5086.


If you receive a notice from the City to correct code violations, you could have up to 14 days to correct the violation or to appeal the notice. Immediately dangerous situations must be remedied right away. If the violations require more time to correct, a Voluntary Compliance Agreement may be negotiated between the city and the property owner. To view the enforcement process procedure as laid out in the LMC, click here.


Nuisance abatement: When the code compliance department is notified of a violation, the complaint is investigated. If a violation exists, the owner of the property is sent a notice to correct the violation(s) within 14 days. If no progress is made within the 14-day limit, a $500 fine can be given to the owner and/or tenant.


If you would like to submit a service request about a possible code violation, you can come to city hall to file a written complaint or contact the City of Longview Code Compliance Department at 360.442.5082 or 360.442.5093. You may also submit a service request for an issue by going to the appropriate category of the violation on this website and clicking on the 'Make a Service Request' link at the bottom of the page. To view the City of Longview's Nuisance Abatement and Property Maintenance Process, click here.


Attractive Nuisance. All premises within the city shall be maintained so that it does not create a circumstance and/or condition that would reasonably attract a person to a circumstance and/or condition that may constitute a danger to the person(s).  Attractive nuisances include, but are not limited to, unused or abandoned refrigerators, freezers or other such large appliances or equipment or any parts thereof; any structurally unsound or unsafe fence or building edifice; any unsecured or abandoned excavation pit, well, cistern, storage tank or shaft; any sizable collection of scrap lumber, trash, vegetation or other similar items; or unattended machinery or equipment, unsecured, abandoned or vacant buildings, open and unattended vehicles or vehicle trunks, or other similar unguarded conditions or situations that would injure or cause injury to any person(s).


Accumulation of rubbish or garbage. All exterior property and premises, and the interior of every structure, shall be free from any accumulation of rubbish, junk, trash, filth, waste or garbage.


Accumulation of dangerous materials. All premises within the city shall be maintained free of the existence of any accumulation of materials, substances or objects in a location when the same endangers property, health, safety or constitutes a fire hazard.


Site Triangles.  Hedges growing within areas of a property that could affect pedestrian and/or vehicle safety must meet the requirement found in LMC 16.46.


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