Street Lights

Mission Viejo does not own the streetlights that are found throughout the City. San Diego Gas and Electric owns and services the streetlights for the area south of La Paz and Southern California Edison owns and services the area north of La Paz. If there is a streetlight that is out or not working properly, residents can report the outages directly to each of the numbers below depending on what service area the light is out in. Residents may report a streetlight out online at or by calling (800) 655-4555 for SCE. For SDGE a resident can report a streetlight out by sending an E-mail to or by calling (800) 411-7343. For further questions or support regarding streetlights and how to report them, please contact the Public Services Department at (949) 470-3095. The City can help to monitor the outage repair, but does not have direct control over repair schedules.

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