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Oversize Vehicle Ordinance Information

Which Vehicles Are Affected?


"Oversized Vehicle" is defined as any motor vehicle, boat or trailer, which meets or exceeds at least two of the following criteria:

  • 23 feet in length; or
  • 8 feet in height; or
  • 7 feet in width.

All vehicles that fall into the dimensions noted above will be restricted from parking on any public street within the City of Santa Clarita.   

"Oversized vehicles" displaying a valid Department of Motor Vehicles disabled person license plate are exempt from the "oversized vehicle" parking restrictions. 

Commercial vehicle parking will not be regulated under the Oversized Vehicle Parking Ordinance.  Commercial vehicle parking restrictions currently exist under Section 12.64 of the Santa Clarita Municipal Code. 


Are There Exceptions?


Yes.  Exceptions to the above noted restrictions will be given to "oversized vehicles" parked:

  • On a public street during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday);
  • For the purpose of, and while being, loaded or unloaded for a maximum period not to exceed 48 consecutive hours in any calendar week (Monday through Friday);
  • For temporary maintenance or emergency repairs not to exceed 48 consecutive hours within any calendar week (Monday through Friday);
  • For the pickup or deliver of goods, and merchandise; or
  • During a state of emergency declared to exist within the City of Santa Clarita by the City Council.


How Do I File A Complaint?


Complaints regarding an "oversized vehicle" in violation of the restrictions established under the ordinance can be filed by contacting the Santa Clarita Sheriff's Department. 

The Sheriff's Department will only cite non-compliant "oversized vehicles" if a complaint has been filed by a "verified affected neighbor." 

A "verified affected neighbor" is defined as any individual that lives or works within two blocks of the parked "oversized vehicle."

To fairly validate the "verified affected neighbor" status, all complaints must be made by completing an Oversized Vehicle Complaint Form with the Sheriff's Department.  All complaints will be held confidential from outside inquiries.

Oversized Vehicle Complaints may be submitted online by clicking here.


Hard-copy forms may be obtained by calling the Sheriff's Department at 661-255-1121, or click here to download the form.


Please mail forms to:

SCV Sheriff's Station
23740 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355


Permits for Temporary Parking


City residents or visitors may obtain an Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit to park a designated "oversized vehicle" on the public street for a period not to exceed 3 consecutive weekdays or 72 hours. 

"Oversized vehicles" are entitled up to 3 Oversized Vehicle Parking Permits within any 90-calendar day period. 

Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit Applications can be obtained by visiting City Hall--Suite 302, calling our Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit Hotline at 661-286-4060 or by clicking here.

Please remember that Oversized Vehicle Parking Permits, obtained over the phone or website, will take a maximum of 5 to 7 business days to process. 



Oversize Vehicle Ordinance Documents


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