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UCLA Film Archive & Preservation Center on McBean

The UCLA Film Archive and Preservation Center, located on McBean Parkway between College of the Canyons and CalArts, has commenced construction of the second phase of the 64-acre campus.  This construction currently includes two large cranes, which are visible from Interstate 5. 


The Packard Humanities Institute, a non-profit foundation dedicated to archeology, music, film preservation, and historic conservation, received approval from the City in 2003 to build a Film and Television Archive Campus consisting of a public film theater, storage vaults for film and recordings, offices, educational classrooms, and a screening theater.  Phase one included a 61,000-square-foot, underground vault that houses nitrate film, an older form of motion pictures.  Phase two of the project cost is expected to be complete by summer 2013. 


The archive center will be a private facility. 

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