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The City of Santa Clarita Graffiti Removal Program is responsible for removing graffiti in the public view within the City on City Property.  Graffiti incidents outside of the City’s jurisdiction will be forwarded to appropriate Agencies or City Departments.  The City offers reward money up to $500 for Citizens who can provide tips which lead to the arrest and/or conviction of graffiti vandals. To report graffiti submit a service request or call  (661) 25-CLEAN / (661) 252-5326

  1. Graffiti outside of City Limits in unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County is handled by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.  To report graffiti within unincorporated Los Angeles County ( Castaic, Stevenson Ranch, Val Verde, etc.) please call (800) 675-4357 or
  2. Graffiti located on freeways (Interstate 5 or State Highway 14) are handled by the California Department of Transportation.  To report graffiti on a freeway sign, sound wall, or overpass please call (213) 897-0383 or 
  3. Graffiti on abandon buildings or construction sites is handled by the City of Santa Clarita Community Preservation Division, and may take 7-10 days for removal.
  4. Graffiti on private property such as a homeowner's fence or on a business are the responsibility of the owner to remove. The City ordinance requires property owners to remove the graffiti within 7 days.

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