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Street Lighting

Southern California Edison (SCE) owns and maintains 99 percent of streetlights in the City. Exceptions: Streetlights attached to traffic signals and bridge lights are owned by the City.

SCE-owned streetlights are on light sensors. They come on by night and go off by day light.

  • If a light is flickering, dim, burned out, or stays on during the day, it should be reported to SCE.

  • Once the light is reported, SCE will perform a site visit in 1 - 10 days.

PLEASE NOTE: Standard repairs are made within 1 - 10 days. Non-standard repairs can take several weeks, or longer, depending on the backlog. SCE will tape a note to the pole indicating the problem and estimated time for repair. 

Residents may report streetlight issues directly to SCE:

  • By calling (800) 611-1911 or;

  • Online at by choosing “Report a Streetlight Outage”.

Residents may complete a service request (below) to have the City report the streetlight issue on their behalf.

Make a Service Request for Street Lighting
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