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Encroachment Permit

Encroachment Permit applications are available for pick-up at the Development Services Division public counter, Suite 140. They are also available on-line:


Download the Encroachment Permit Application


Applications must be returned to the Permit Center and will not be accepted through the mail.  You may contact the Development Services Division at the numbers listed below for additional information:


Engineering Permit Hotline  (661) 286-4060

Engineering Permit Fax   (661) 284-1432


When is it required?


An encroachment permit is  required any time there is work being done within the public right-of-way.  Below is a list of items that require an encroachment permit but no improvement plans from the Development Services Division:

  1. curb drains
  2. dumpsters (No Containers)
  3. lane closures
  4. truck parking for pool excavations
  5. utility trenches by utility agencies (certain restrictions apply)
  6. residential sewer laterals (requires Building  & Safety approval)
  7. residential driveways
  8. curb and gutter (small jobs)

All other items not listed above need approval from the Development Services Division and possibly the Traffic Division.


Who may apply for the permit? 


Unless the property owner is acting as their own general contractor, the project's general contractor or subcontractor will be required to provide documentation of the appropriate state contractor's license numbers and worker's compensation insurance coverage. 


Why is an encroachment permit needed?

Each day the City of Santa Clarita issues encroachment permits to homeowners, contractors, and different agencies planning to perform construction related work within our City's roadways. The City of Santa Clarita requires that each individual or agency obtain an encroachment permit before performing any work in the public right-of-way. An Encroachment Permit allows the City to control what is placed in the public right-of-way and gives the City the ability to ensure that only qualified parties, who are properly licensed and insured, work in our public streets. An Encroachment Permit also provides the permittee with a clear understanding of requirements for working on public property.


What happens when work is performed within the public right-of-way without a permit?

All work will be stopped and the individual will be assessed penalty fees or face a potential fine.  In addition, the property owner or contractor will be required to pull an encroachment permit and any other permits (from other divisions if applicable).


How long is an encroachment permit valid?

Depending on the type of permit issued, some are valid for up to a period of ten days, while others are valid for one months or more. Specific information can be obtained by calling (661) 286-4060.

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