Bankruptcy - Chapter 9

The City of Stockton has filed a petition for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection with the United States Bankruptcy Court.  The City must make plans to move forward and use the features and protections afforded by the bankruptcy code to preserve basic public health and safety services for the citizens of Stockton. 


While the petition is pending with the Bankruptcy Court, a Pendency Plan, adopted by the City, will serve as the General Fund budget and the plan for day-to-day operations of the City. Our employees, vendors and service providers will continue to be paid in a timely manner. The focus of the City's recovery plan will be restructuring of above market pay and benefits and unsustainable long term debt. There will be no measurable change in services for our community.


If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please fill out the Service Request below or call (209) 937-8827.

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