Rental Ordinance Affidavit

Residential rental property owners have the option of self-certifying rental properties, validating that they meet all Stockton Municipal Code requirements.  To qualify for self-certification, the Rental Ordinance Affidavit and a Maintenance Standards Checklist, included in the packet mailed to the property owner, must be completed and returned to the Neighborhood Services Section.  If the Affidavit and Checklist are not returned by the deadline indicated in the notification, the City will conduct an inspection, and bill the rental inspection fees, which are slightly higher than self-certified fees.  If the property is owner occupied, in order for the City to change the property status, the Homeowner's Declaration Form must be completed and signed confirming owner occupation and exemption from the Rental Ordinance.


For additional information, please contact Neighborhood Services at (209) 937-8813.

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