Violation Warning Notice

The Violation Warning Notice lists violations that need to be corrected on the property. Look for a deadline date that violations must be corrected by. If an extension of time is needed, please contact the Inspector listed on the Notice. The Inspector typically conducts a second inspection the day after the deadline date. 

  • If corrections are made, the case is closed.
  • If corrections are not made, a citation is issued with a new deadline. Initial Inspection Fee, Case Processing Fee, and possibly a fine is charged. If corrections are made by the new deadline, the case is closed.
  • If corrections are not made, an Administrative Citation is issued with a re-inspection fee and fine of up to $500. If a Notice of Intent to Record and/or Abate is checked on the citation, the Administrative Citation can be recorded as a lien against the property, and/or a contractor may be hired to abate the violations.  Additional charges would then apply. Please see the City of Stockton Fee Schedule for current charges.

For additional information, please contact Neighborhood Services Code Enforcement at (209) 937-8813.

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