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Thornton residents now have access to the City 24/7 with Thornton Connected. This service lets you access dozens of "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) to find your answers by clicking on the links to the most common topics. If you cannot find an answer, you can send us a personalized service request via the “Make a Service Request” link at the bottom of this or any other Thornton Connected page. Once the request is made, you can easily track the progress as the City of Thornton staff work to address this issue. Using Thornton Connected is quick and easy!

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See a problem you would like to report to the City of Thornton, but you are not at home? No problem, if you have an iPhone or a smart phone using Android. With either of these mobile devices you can use a special application to select an issue, take a picture, and submit it to the City – the application captures the exact location and sends the issue directly to the staff member who can address it.

Search for "GORequest" at the Apple app store, the Android Market or click on the following links.

Submit issues from your iPhone

Submit issues from your Android Phone
Most Requested
  1. Schedule Building Inspections
  2. General Human Resources Information
  3. Neighborhood Services
  4. Building Permit General Info
  5. Utilities (Water/Sewer and Electric/Gas)
  6. Trash and Recycling Collection
  7. Bulk Item Disposal
  8. Accumulation of Junk and Litter
  9. Vehicle Regulations
  10. Benefits Offered to Eligible City of Thornton Employees
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