Barking Dogs

Animal Management receives numerous complaints on barking dogs throughout the year, many anonymous.  If possible, we encourage you to contact your neighbor and try to work it out on the neighborhood level first before filing a complaint.   If you feel you are unable to work out the
situation neighborly, Animal Management can contact the owner of the barking dog. 

Owners of barking dogs first receive a warning through the mail; non-compliance to the warning may then result in a summons to court. 
If you decide to have an owner cited after the warning, an animal management officer will need proof the barking is a habitual ongoing issued in
order to prosecute the violation in municipal court. An animal disturbance is a criminal offense and you would be the victim in the complaint.  As a victim, you would need to fill out a statement and possibly testify in court to the violation.  Animal Management officers try their best to
resolve the barking problem before they have to issue a summons; in the majority of barking dog complaints, the owner of the dog does not realize their dog has been a nuisance.

Per City's ordinance in order to have a summons issued the violator needs to have received a warning within the last 12 months and a second witness is needed from a separate household, both complainants would need to then fill out statement forms.  The reason for the second witness is to eliminate retaliatory complaints.  Unfortunately, Animal Management officers cannot keep warning the owners of the dog repeatedly; eventually the issuance of a summons may need issued to the owner in order to resolve the situation.  Additional proof, such as a barking dog log with dates, times and durations helps show the frequently of the dog's barking.  If a second witness cannot be located, the municipal court will accept video documentation of the barking.  

When filing a barking dog complaint the following is needed; an exact location of where the dog lives, a description of the dog; if
available, dates and time frames the dog barks, and the duration of the barking.  In addition, the Animal Management officer will need your name, address and phone number so they can contact you if they have further questions. The Animal Management officer will not give out your information, however if a complaint is made the information is available to them by obtaining a copy of the complaint from police records. 
Anonymous complaints are hard for Animal Management officers to follow up on; the barking may continue to be a problem if the information received was incorrect and an officer needs more information to complete the complaint.

If you would like to submit a complaint please be advised that THERE WILL BE NO FOLLOW UP ON ANY SUBMISSIONS WITH INCORRECT OR FALSE INFORMATION. 

There are three ways to file a barking dog complaint:

-  In-progress barking, call police dispatch (24/7) at 303-658-4360, 

-  Animal Management voice mail at 303-658-4326 or


*ACCESS is only monitored during business hours Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., reporting outside of these hours will delay any response from an Animal Management officer. 


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