Animals at Large
The City of Westminster requires all dogs to be leashed if they are off their own property. The use of electronic collars is not an acceptable use of control in the City of Westminster. There are three off-leash dog parks within the city. Visit our website for specific dog park regulations.


Big Dry Creek Dog Park - 1700 W. 128th Ave.

Little Dry Creek Dog Park - 3655 W. 69th Place

Westminster Hills Dog Park - 105th Avenue and Simms Street


Cats are not allowed to roam or be loose off the owner's property. Cats are considered predators to small wildlife such as birds and rabbits, and they too can fall victim to foxes and coyotes. Cats found off the owner's property are subject to impound and the owner cited for the violation.

Citizens having problems with nuisance cats on their property can respond to the Westminster Public Safety Building 7 days a week between 7:00am-6:00pm to have a trap loaned out to them at no charge.


If you need to report an animal at large, please call police dispatch at  303 658 4360

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