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Town of Yucca Valley

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Fences and Deck Permits

Fences are exempt from building permits unless they exceed six (6) feet in height.  Check with the Planning Department (760) 369-6575 x 317 prior to erecting the fence for any planning requirements or to check property lines.  Retaining walls require permits when they exceed four (4) feet in height from bottom of footing to top of the wall.  A grading permit may also be required if importing or exporting 50 cubic yards of soil or more.

A deck permit is required to construct decks, or other similar structures within the Town of Yucca Valley.  Once a complete set of plans for the construction has been approved by the Building and Safety (B&S) department, a building permit will be issued.  Additional permits and fees may be required depending on the nature of the project. Decks fewer than thirty inches from grade are exempt from building permits. 

For more information about fence and deck permits and fees, please contact the B&S department at 760-365-0099 x 302.

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