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Town of Yucca Valley

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Other - Code Enforcement

The following code violation can be reported to Code Compliance at 760-369-6575 x 301.

1. Excessive accumulation of dog feces on private property. For barking dogs or loose dogs, please call Animal Control at 760-365-3111.

2. Excessive horse manure on private property. Inquiry to how many horses are allowed, please contact Planning at 760-369-6575 x 317.

3. Eviction is not govern by the Town of Yucca Valley.  Please contact Renters Mediation at 800-321-0911 or their website at http://www.co.san-bernardino.ca.us/wib/LegalServices.htm

3. Illegal dumping is a misdemeanor subject to a $10,000.00 fine and impound of vehicle.  If you witness illegal dumping, please report it to Code Compliance at 760-369-6575 x 301.  If possible, identify the vehicle and the license plates when reporting the violation.

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