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Animal Licenses

California law requires that all dogs over the age of four (4) months be licensed as a rabies control measure.  Making sure your dog has its current license attached to its collar also is your best insurance of having your dog returned to you in case he or she becomes lost or gets out of your yard.  The dog license also lets us know if your pet is currently vaccinated against rabies.

Senior or Disabled citizen discount is available for individual seniors 60 years of age and older and for disable citizens.  You may be required to provide proof of senior or disabled status to obtain the discounted license fee.

License(s) are due and payable when:

  1. Dog(s) reach the age of 4 months,
  2. You have acquired a new dog, or
  3. You become a new resident in the Town/City/County.

Valid certificates from a licensed Veterinarian must be presented for rabies vaccinations and spayed/neutered dogs.

Adoption fees
Dogs (8-16 weeks) per animal  $ 85.00
Dogs (16 weeks and over) per animal  $ 92.00
Cats and Kittens per animal  $ 55.00
 Horses/Cattle/other large livestock pe animal  $300.00
 Calves/large Pigs (livestock over 150lbs) per animal  $150.00
 Goats/Sheep/small Pigs (livestock under 150lbs) per animal  $ 50.00

License/Registration Fees
 Dog Licenses - 1 year
Neutered or spayed dogs $  9.00
Unaltered dogs

$ 40.00

Altered (Senior and Disabled Rate)  $  5.00
Unaltered (Senior and Disable Rate)  $ 10.00
 Dog Licenses -  2 years  
Neutered or spayed dogs  $ 17.00
Unaltered dogs  $ 80.00
Altered (Senior and Disabled Rate)  $  9.00
Unaltered (Senior and Disable Rate)  $ 19.00
Dog Licenses -  3 years    
Neutered or spayed dogs  $ 25.00
Unaltered dogs $120.00 
Altered (Senior and Disabled Rate)  $ 13.00
Unaltered (Senior and Disable Rate  $ 28.00
Delinquent registration fee (30 days overdue) $  15.00
Partial Year License Fee for Altered and Unaltered dogs  $ 10.00
Replacement tag $   5.00
Transfer of Town dog license to new owner $  10.00

Registration Fees
Annual registration per Guard Dog (in addition to license fee) $ 32.00
Annual registration of Public Nuisance Animal (in addition to license fee) $ 57.00
Annual registration of Vicious or Potentially Dangerous Animal (in addition to license fee) $ 80.00 

Additional fees
Quarantine Fee and Report $ 45.00
Commercial Animal Establishments-Annual Permits and Inspections $ 65.00
 Dog licenses sold through Veterinarian offices-in addition to license fee, per tag  $  3.00
 Photographs (each) $   6.00 
Video documentation  $   6.00
 Investigation of Public Nuisances $ 135.00
 Notice to Abate $  15.00 
 Notice of Administrative Hearing $  15.00 
 Notice of Determination $  15.00 
 Inspection, Abatement,/Seizure Warrant $ 270.00 
 Administrative Hearing $  80.00 
 Other services offered
 Owner Turn-in-fee, Animal litter under 4 months of age per litter  $25.00
 Dead Animal Disposal (no horses or lagre livestock) per animal  $15.00
 Owner Request Euthanasia (domestic animals under 100lbs) each plus disposal  $35.00
 Owner Request Euthanasia (domestic animals over 100lbs) each plus disposal  $55.00
 Micro-chipping Fee (for owner redeemed animals only) per animal  $20.00
 Impound Boarding Fee - Birds/Reptiles/Small Mammals per full day  $2.00
 Impound Boarding Fee - Horses/other large livestock (over 75lbs) per full day  $12.00

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