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Barking Dogs

The Town of Yucca Valley's Ordinance No. 138 defines and sets a process for handling excessive barking dog noise.  A collection of information is accessible on the Animal Control- Field Services page where you can read the Town's ordinance and learn the process for handling these types of concerns.  If you decide to file a complaint, you may download the petition from this link.  If you have any further questions or wish to discuss your concerns about excessive dog barking, please call (760) 369-1807.  If you wish to submit a service request, please include your name, telephone number or email address.  Anonymous service requests will not be processed.

Responsible dog ownership includes ensuring your dog is not a nuisance to others.  Barking is a natural dog behavior and most people want their dogs to bark to alert them to potential danger.  However, allowing your dog to bark excessively is permitting a public nusiance to occur.  Many barking dogs do so out of boredom, loneliness, and frustration.  Changing a canine's living conditions, finding a companion, or devising other environmental changes can address this problem.

Make a Service Request for Barking Dogs
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