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Licensing Requirement/Contractors

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In the City of Arvada, all contractors must be licensed to do work within the City.     Sec. 18-72.  Responsibilities. All licensees shall be responsible for any work requiring a permit under the provisions of this chapter, without limitation to the items as herein listed to:

(1)  Provide generally recognized safety measures and equipment to protect laborers and the public in general;

(2)  Present the required city license card when required by the building official or the building official's authorized representative;

(3)  Inform the building inspection division promptly of any change in licensee's address or telephone number;

(4)  Obtain a permit when the same is required;

(5)  Provide correct and honest factual information on all applications for permits;

(6)  Pay all fees assessed under authority of this chapter and other city regulations and to accurately inform the customer of the exact permit fee and other costs associated with obtaining a permit;

(7)  Construct without substantial departure from or disregard of drawings and specifications when such drawings and specifications have been filed and approved by the building inspection division and permit issued for same unless changes are approved by the building inspection division;

(8)  Perform the activity authorized by a permit in a proficient, workmanlike manner consistent with acceptable building practices;

(9)  Complete all work authorized by the permit issued under the authority of this chapter unless good cause is proved;

(10)  Notify the building official when work is ready for inspection, and provide access to and means for the inspection;

(11)  Obtain all required inspections and special inspections when the same are required by this chapter;

(12)  Request a final inspection and approval within 14 calendar days of completion of the permitted work;

(13)  Obtain a final inspection and approval, a certificate of completion, a temporary certificate of occupancy, or a certificate of occupancy, when required, upon completion of the work authorized by the licensee's permit;

(14)  Keep streets and sidewalks that are adjacent to construction-sites and open to the public traffic free of obstructions, construction materials, equipment, debris, mud, dirt or any other material that may be a hindrance or hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic;

(15)  Observe and conform to all of the rules and regulations governing construction and land use in the city; and

(16)  Comply with all orders, conditions, and restrictions issued by written order of the building official or the board.(Ord. No. 4093, § 4, 11-19-2007)

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