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Parking "For Sale" Vehicles

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Private Property: It is unlawful for persons to park vehicles on private property belonging to someone else for the principal purpose of selling the vehicle. Public Streets or Sidewalks:  It is unlawful for persons to park vehicles on public streets or sidewalks for the principal purpose of selling the vehicle.

Sec. 54-40.  Article I, section 1213. Parking and displaying vehicle for sale upon private property. The Model Traffic Code is hereby amended:

(a) No person shall park a vehicle upon private property belonging to another for the principal purpose of displaying such vehicle for sale.

(b) It shall be unlawful for the owner of any property located within the city to allow vehicles owned by others to be parked on such property for the principal purpose of being offered for sale.

(c) Whenever a parked vehicle displays a sign or message indicating that it is being offered for sale, such display shall be prima facie evidence that the vehicle is parked for the principal purpose of being displayed for sale.

(d) The term "vehicle" shall include any device capable of being moved from place to place upon wheels or tracks, as well as devices capable of being moved on or through water or air, such as boats and airplanes.

(e) It shall be presumed that the person that parked the vehicle was the registered owner of the vehicle, or was parked with the registered owner's knowledge and permission.

(f) The provisions of this section shall not apply upon land zoned by the city to permit commercial sales of vehicles.

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