This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information GOGovApps collects, why we collect it, and what it is used for.


Information Collected

GOGovApps collects information that is used for analysis purposes that help us manage our applications. We also collect information to assist governmental agencies to deliver service to you.

1)     Information collected for analysis:

We automatically collect electronically generated information about your use of the software.  Information collected is browser information and pages visited. Each user session is stored in use logs and used to debug any transactions, should it be needed.  This information is not reported or released to any outside parties unless we are legally required to do so in connection with law enforcement investigations and other legal proceedings.

2)     Information collected in interactive forms:

The information that is asked of us is to help governmental agencies service your request for information or report of an issue.  When personal information is asked for, like an email, name or phone number, it is to help provide you with the best possible service and to respond to your service requests.  This information is never used, sold, or rented for marketing purposes.  Please be advised that much governmental data, like service requests, may be retrieved by federal and state public record laws.

For mobile issues and service requests we will use your GPS information, or the GPS location you provide, to help us identify the location of the issue.  You may optionally submit photos, or short video, which will be used to help identify an issue that you report.

We will never sell data for direct mail or advertising purposes.


Use of Cookies

GOGovApps uses cookies to track sessions so we do not forgot information you previously gave us.  You also have the option to save your user name in a persistent cookie to make it easier for you to log into our system in the future.


External Links

Our website and mobile applications may have links to external sites to allow you to access other governmental services that the governmental agency feels will give you the information you need or to fulfil a service.  Access to these external links is controlled by the governmental agency you are requesting service from.